A tiny bit of IT fame


So over the past few weeks I have been building a new relationship, no not that kind, a technical relationship with Spiceworks in Austin, TX. Spiceworks is an IT outfit that if you do not know provides one of the best Helpdesk & Device Inventory software packages on the market in my opinion, and its FREE. Yes, FREE. A no cost solid solution that myself along with over 2.5 million IT Pros also trust.


I have been using Spiceworks for a little over 2 years now. I briefly was able to try it out at my last employer but we never implemented it due to already having a homegrown Helpdesk app. But once I started at National Specialty Alloys in early 2012 I found that it would have been a mistake not to use Spiceworks for our Helpdesk, Device Inventory & Change Management needs. So when I was approached by their PR department to do a quick interview I was more than shocked. Me, you picked me out of 2.5 million SpiceHeads (Term coined for one who loves and/or uses Spiceworks)? I still have no clue how I was the lucky one but I was stoked!


Last week I got my small mention in an online B2B Magazine, nothing fancy but I was still feeling good about it. Seeing that I was ‘liked’ by the Spiceworks PR department they introduced me to a few folks at Spiceworks’ Headquarters and it seems that I will be appearing in a few other Spiceworks media online in the coming weeks. I have been asked to participate in Spiceworks’ online show Tech Talk Live where they invite SpiceHeads up to Austin to talk about techy stuff, film it and publish it online live within their community for other techies to watch, comment and even ask questions via social media. Pretty sweet!


I will be in Austin next Wednesday shooting the show about Mobile Device Management (MDM). Not sure what all will be covered but it looks to be a lot of fun and a great experience. I am really excited to help them “Spread the Spice”. Stayed tuned for a link to the show!


In the meantime, check out a few of the older Tech Talk Live shows they have produced.



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