My Lab

At home and in the office, I have been fortunate enough to build myself a couple of small lab servers to play with new versions of VMware vSphere, test out settings, or just break it, oops!

At the office I had the chance to build out what is almost spec for spec a “Baby Dragon” design. Its a beast in a little box! If you are not sure what that mean, you must check it out! Also peek at these guys who have awesome labs, Chris Wahl, Eric Shanks, & Hersey Cartwright.

At home  I went in that same direction but changed a few items to make it lighter in the wallet at the end of the day.

Currently I am still running ESXi 5.0.0, 914586 but will be moving to 5.5 pretty soon. I have deployed the vCenter Appliance to manage the host and have Autolab installed (a vApp) to bring me into a whole other blog post! Read up on Autolab if you are not familiar with it, very, very valuable and easy to get a full lab going all nested in a vApp.

My next venture is building up an older ReadyNAS we no longer use in the office & putting it in the home lab for some iSCSI connections. I also want to build a small View deployment and then let my kids have virtual desktops…HAHA!!

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