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Tech Talks Live: MDM

I had a great time being part of the Spiceworks web show Tech Talks LIVE recently. Spiceworks runs a weekly live web show where they sit down and talk shop with IT Pros about relevant subjects. The show I was a part of was based around MDM (Mobile Device Management) in the workplace. How one handles it, Why we allow it, and Best Practices for getting started with MDM and an MDM policy for the company and employees.

Tell me more:

“We’re at IT again (and we can’t seem to let go of the IT pun). Check out Episode 5 as we discuss all things MDM. Host Jeff “Nacho Libre” Grettler sits down with SpiceHeads Marlon Revelett (marlon1247), Nigel Hickey (DJ Whiplash), and Duwayne Engelhardt (DEngelhardt) to find out exactly the seasoned pros handle mobile device management.

From MDM integration to functionality to inventorying devices (and wiping them when the time comes), we cover all the bases of MDM in true Spiceworks style.” – (taken from Spiceworks description)

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