vCloud Air OnDemand: Chutes or Ladders?

One step forward, Two steps back

Have you ever been to the supermarket, shopped, and then drove home to realize that you forgot something at the supermarket? You probably then had to go back to the store again to get what you needed. Frustrating right?

Well imagine this, you’re working on building out the new server for your data center and it has successfully passed testing and development. It is now ready to move into production. A short while After you deploy it to production you Notice a need for a new configuration. To make those changes would you unplug the system, remove it from the data center, bring it to your desk, and begin creating and testing the new configs? Of course you wouldn’t! But that process is very similar to how some Cloud services operate to accommodate change.

Chutes and Ladders

For example, if you were an Azure or AWS customer utilizing their public cloud offerings and had to make certain configuration changes to a server workload that was hosted with them you would basically do just as I described above. You would need to pull that workload or server VM back down from the cloud to your office or private cloud (Chutes), make the changes, test, and then push those changes back up to the production cloud (Ladders). Insanity I tell you. Didn’t you move your workloads to the cloud to make your life simpler, streamlined, and less complex? Of course you did.

vCloud Air OnDemand

VMware’s vCloud Air allows you to work in what is essentially a hybrid “sandbox” environment with no need to pull down the latest configurations, workloads, or production version of your applications. With vCloud Air you simply operate in the sandbox and utilize the latest updates required. Making changes within vCloud Air is snap. With the click of a button you can update your production workloads with your most recent changes. Anytime you move a workload to vCloud Air OnDemand integrated with vSphere, it’s like climbing the Ladder and avoiding the Chutes. You’ll end up taking a few steps forward, with no steps back, since you will not have to rewrite your configs, apps or workloads to get them setup as you intended. Climbing to the top and staying there is better than being on top just to slide back down and start again.

vCloud Air OnDemand Info

Be sure to check out VMware’s vCloud Air OnDemand for yourself. vCloud Air OnDemand is VMware’s self-service public cloud platform that puts you in control of your cloud infrastructure costs by allowing a metered pricing model. You only pay for what you provision. vCloud Air OnDemand is also “35% cheaper that Microsoft Azure” and a whopping “83% cheaper than Amazon Web Services (AWS)”! **

Be sure to sign up today to receive $300 in vCloud Air credits! 

** Quoted from Krystallize Technologies study that found vCloud Air to be cheaper than AWS & Azure.

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