vExpert Spotlight: Jon Hildebrand

Jon Hildebrand

Today’s vExpert Spotlight interview is with Jon Hildebrand. Jon is a Senior Cloud Engineer at LightEdge Solutions in the Kansas City area.

I was able to track Jon down during VMworld San Francisco this September and get a LIVE interview via Periscope. I have been super busy these last few weeks & I owe Jon a huge Thank You for being patient waiting for his vExpert Spotlight to post.

Sit back, forget work for about 10-15mins, and enjoy our Live & uncut interview straight from the Hang Space at VMworld 2015!

The Interview

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Jon thank you very much for being a part of the vExpert Spotlight series! I appreciate you taking time away from this year’s VMworld to be my 1st LIVE interview via Periscope!!

Please hit up Jon on Twitter as well as LinkedIn.

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