AUTOLAB v1.5 with Support for vSphere 5.5

Mr. Alastair Cooke is at it again! He has been working hard on our favorite VMware Lab tool “Autolab” and has just released version 1.5 that now has support for vSphere 5.5 & VSAN. WOOT!!


Autolab’s Blog Post:

What is Autolab?

Autolab is a tool that Mr. Cooke created to aid in his quest for the VCP a few years back. It is designed to produce a nested vSphere lab environment with the minimum effort using a server, desktop or laptop with a minimum RAM requirement in the 8-16GB range (now 24GB if you wanna go the 5.5 route without issues). The lab comes prepackaged as an OVF file and deploys as a vApp in your home setup of ESXi or VMware Workstation. I have a few posts on Backing Up & Restoring your Autolab setup you should also check out.

Anyway, enough from me, please visit his site and give the Autolab a try for yourself. Also don’t forget to visit my friends over at Infinio Systems as well. They are new sponsors for the Autolab project which is helping Mr. Cooke develop this amazing tool we all love!

Alastair Cooke’s Twitter: @DemitasseNZ

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