vCloud Air OnDemand: Calculate This

vCloud Air: Calculations

Calculations are important right? Sure they are. Without them most problems or plans would go unsolved or incomplete. As far as I see it, faster calculations are also important for the most part too. I’m sure you would agree with this also. Faster calculations can lead to accomplishing more in less time which could also be understood as better performance at times. Databases crunch numbers all day long using calculations, the more calculations that can fit into a smaller time frame the more efficient that database could be. The same can be said for applications and users of those apps that are hungry for data, fast data.

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So what does the amount or speed of calculations have to do with Cloud Services you ask? Well just as I have mentioned above, calculations or the amount of calculations completed within a certain time frame can directly effect your Cloud workloads. Cloud performance can be directly related to Input/Output operations Per Second (IOPS) as well as many other factors revolving around the physical server resources that cloud server provides to the business. Workload performance is something you do not want to worry about when moving to a public or hybrid cloud solution. Having a provider that can give your application the performance it requires with more calculations per second is what you expect from the cloud these days. But not all cloud providers can offer that level of service.

Have a look at vCloud Air

VMware’s vCloud Air OnDemand service was able to outperform AWS and it’s calculations per second by almost double. VMware was able to out-calculate AWS by 1.6 times during testing when running the same workloads, that is pretty impressive! VMware delivers the manageability you need & expect from a Hybrid Cloud solution.  With vCloud Air OnDemand you receive the same level of security, reliability, and performance as you do from your current VMware infrastructure in your datacenter today.

Interested? Give VMware’s vCloud Air OnDemand a try. Heck, they will even give you a $300 credit just for test driving this amazing cloud service. Help turn your companies capital expenses into variable operating, pay-as-you-go expenses. Have a look at vCloud Air here, and sign up today!

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